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Me and my buddies dressed up as Zombie Disney Princesses for the Denver Zombie Crawl! :) The other girls had their costumes from last year already and they asked me to join them only a short while ago, so I didnt have as much time to make a fancy ass costume like theirs :( . Either way, I am happy with my Merida! 

Ariel did all the girls’ flesh ripping effects, then I did all their makeup and coloring! Done with acrylic paint and sugarpill cosmetics. I also gave their bruises some texture by layering flour and white glue. :) Took us all morning (from 9am to 1:30pm) to do everyone’s makeup! 

All in all, it was a success! We couldn’t get 5 feet without being stopped for pictures! And we often spent 15-20mins in one spot along taking pic after pic. We really should of charged people or took tips or something! We would of made a killing! 

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